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Hy-Lang Electric guarantees their work to the developer for a period of one year. This guarantee starts at the time of the final electrical inspection, NOT at the time that the house is sold, however your home may have a longer guarantee through the developer.
Except for emergencies, guarantee work shall be performed within 2 weeks of notification and shall be done during Hy-Lang Electric working hours between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

The Electrical contractor does not cover the following: thermostats, appliances, bulbs, batteries, televisions, or phones. If you have problems with one of these items follow your builder’s protocol. 

Your house will be VOID of ALL electrical warranties if there is any electrical work done to your home by ANY ONE other than Hy-Lang Electric employees for the first year. This includes, but is not limited to, electrical that is installed for irrigation controllers, landscape lighting, swimming pools, spas, and air conditioners. If we are called out to perform guarantee work and it is determined that additional electrical work was performed by others, then you will be charged $90.00 per hour, one hour minimum, including travel time plus a $40.00 truck and equipment fee. 

If Hy-Lang Electric is called out to perform guarantee work other than during normal working hours, the charge will be $125.00 per hour, three hours minimum including travel time plus a $40.00 truck and equipment fee.

Emergency repairs are those that would be classified as LIFE-THREATENING and should be reported to Hy-Lang Electric immediately.

Trouble Shooting


A breaker protects each circuit in your home. This breaker will trip (shut off) any time that there is an overload on one of your circuits. All breakers are located in the electrical panel; usually the panel is located next to the electrical meter just outside next to your garage. After opening the door of the electrical panel, you will see several breakers (looks something like a switch). See picture #1
                                                                                                                   Breaker Switch                

These breakers should normally be in the ON position for normal use. If for some reason a breaker has tripped you should do the following:

1. Unplug everything that is plugged into the circuit that is not  working.
2. Go to the electrical panel and find the breaker that is in the trip position.
3. Move the breaker in the trip position to the OFF position; doing this will take a little effort, it must be pushed hard. When done correctly, the breaker will stay in the OFF position even after your hand is removed.
4. Now you may turn the breaker ON. This should restore power to the circuit.
5. Go back inside your home and plug your appliances in. You should test each one. The first one that does not work is the one that caused the overload in the circuit. After unplugging the appliance you may need to reset the breaker once more. Please do not use this appliance until it has been repaired.

If a circuit is not working, then an adequate extension cord could be used to give power to a refrigerator or any other appliance that is on a dead circuit.


There is another safety device that is located in your home, a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI controls all the receptacles that are located in any of the following locations:

1. Bathrooms
2. Garages
3. Outside receptacles
4. Receptacles located in a basement or crawl space
5. Receptacles near any sink, such as the kitchen or utility room 

The GFCI is a receptacle that has two buttons located on the front (see picture #2), one button is a test button and the other is a reset button.

GFI RecepIf any of the receptacles that are in the above list are not working, then you will need to locate the GFCI receptacle and reset it. You can do this by unplugging any item that is connected to the receptacle and then pressing the reset button.

Please note that the weatherproof GFCI receptacles are intended to be a convenience outlet only. It is NOT intended for landscape lighting, fountains, barbecue equipment, pool equipment, power tools, etc. Such use may cause repeated tripping of the circuit.


In some of the rooms you will find a receptacle that looks like it is upside down compared to the other receptacles. This receptacle is known as a “½ hot”. This is because the outlet that looks upside down is controlled by a switch on the wall, while the other outlet is a regular plug and has power to it at all times. This outlet has been provided so that a lamp can be plugged into the receptacle and controlled by a light switch.


Your smoke detectors are designed to detect smoke from a fire and sound an alarm. They are wired directly, but have a battery backup in case of a power outage. They are extremely sensitive and may give a false alarm from smoke associated with cooking, insects, or dust particles. The manufacturer recommends vacuuming the device periodically to help eliminate false alarms. Change in temperature and humidity can also cause false alarms. Hy-Lang Electric cannot respond in these circumstances:
1. Battery
2. False Alarm 
The detectors will make a chirping sound when the batteries are low or dead. We recommend that you change the batteries twice a year and that you change all the smoke detectors in your home at the same time. Follow the instructions carefully, as an incorrectly installed battery will continue to chirp.


When calling for service, please have:

                                    1. Your builder’s name

                                    2. Project name

                                    3. Address and lot #

This is very important.